Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mallory's Return (with Dad) to Maastricht, The Netherlands

In 2006 we lived in Maastricht for 7 months.  Mallory, then 8 years old, went to school on the other side of town.  We returned on Friday...her first time back in 11 years.  (I have been back to Maastricht probably 20 times since 2002.)
Maastricht is behind us, as well as the Sint Servaasbrug (foot) bridge
We revisited many places she remembered (or, that we had pictures of).
Mallory with our Wolder neighbors Ria and Ber 

Back to the scene of her 8th Birthday Date with Dad and "Sour and Spicy" Chinese soup. 

Statue on the way to the Maastricht train station in 2002...

15 years later!

Samantha and Mallory in two countries (Belgium and The Netherlands) at once!  (On the street in Wolder where we lived.)

Two countries with one (large) step!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mallory's First Liege, Belgium

We rented a car and drove from Muenster to Liege, Belgium.  We finally made it to Cecile Delcourt's house (GPS does not work well with Google Maps in that part of Liege), and prior to our meal Cecile and her partner Fabrice provided us with a Liege special...Curtius Beer.  (Interestingly, I had just driven Mallory past the Curtius Brewery at the bottom of the steps at Montague de Beueren an hour earlier.)  I believe (if Mallory was telling me the truth) that it was her first beer!
Mallory's First Beer?
We then had a nice spaghetti dinner prepared by Fabrice, with entertainment provided by my favorite Belgian four-year-old, Stina.
An excellent dinner in Liege with Cecile, Fabrice, Stina, Dwayne, and Mallory.

Service Blueprint Practice at WWU in Muenster, Germany

Four teams of five students worked on creating service blueprints for "Revive" clinic in Chicago. This session was a chance for them to learn how to use the service blueprint tool.  Based on the work they were able to accomplish in about 2 hours, I have high expectations for when they complete their team projects next week!
Team 1:

Team 2: 

Team 3:

Team 4:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Brats and Stories at Casa Thurau, Muenster, Germany

Mallory and I had a wonderful dinner at Claudia and Thorsten's house...the weather was perfect to sit outside.  We were joined for part of the evening by Mallory's old friend, Fred.
Frederick and Mallory
They first met in Hannover in 2002...
On the train to Hamburg in July 2002

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

On the Road Muenster, Germany

I began my work on this trip by teaching (again) the Service Management course at the University of Muenster.  The picture below includes the smiling faces of 20 MBA students.
The 2017  Service Management Class

Monday, May 15, 2017

It's Mallory's Turn in Europe (2017)

Both Candy and Samantha got to travel with me last year (2016) during my sabbatical, so this year it is Mallory's turn.  She will be with me for a week or so, then with Anja (our German daughter) and her family for a while, and then will eventually be part of a BGSU Study Abroad experience.
Leaving Detroit and bound for Dusseldorf!

We had an uneventful flight to Amsterdam (good!), but then a 1.5 hour line to get through Passport Control in the Schipol Airport.  We arrived in Muenster about 2:45 p.m. and stayed awake as long as we could.  
Look at the size of Mallory's Pizza!!!