Friday, July 10, 2015

Frontiers in Service Conference, San Jose, California

In July I attended the annual Frontiers in Service Conference.  This year it was held in San Jose, California and was hosted by IBM.  At the conference I made a research presentation there entitled, "The Effect of Service Recovery Strategies on Social Media Buzz and Financial Performance."  But, the highlight for me, as the 2014 recipient of the Christopher Lovelock SERVSIG Career Contributions Award (from the American Marketing Association) was to announce the 2015 recipient at the conference awards dinner.
And the 2015 Recipient is...

Kay Lemon, from Boston College
I should also mention that, in order to keep costs down (it's going to be a sabbatical filled with a lot of traveling), I stayed with my brother- and sister-in-law, John and Ann Little.  Actually, I was probably only there for about 5 hours over three days (other than when I was sleeping).  (They probably liked it that way!)
John and Ann Little at breakfast (after church) before I headed to the San Jose Airport
I did not get to see much of San Jose, and so my choices of steps to take a picture of were limited. However, I thought this step had character:
Front step at John & Ann Little's house, San Jose, California