Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Newcastle University Business School, Newcastle, England

The second stop on my "Publishing Scholarly Research" tour was the Business School of the University of Newcastle.  I spent two days with PhD Students from Newcastle and surrounding universities. My colleague, Christof Backhaus, took me on a brief tour of the city afterwards, including a walk along the river to see the Millennium Bridge.  (The bridge, by the way, pivots about 45 degrees to allow ships to go under it!  Click here to see how it works...very cool.)
The Millennium Bridge is a pedestrian/cyclist tilt bridge spanning the River Tyne in Newcastle.
I take all of the pictures with my (relatively cheap) Canon PowerShot Camera.  Occasionally I forget to take it with me, and thus I am forced to use my phone's camera, as in the picture below.  But, it is not nearly as good.
Dwayne and Christof Backhaus (outside of my hotel, just nest to the Newcastle Business School)

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