Saturday, June 2, 2018

Lunch in Maastricht (The Netherlands)

As I left (in my rental car) from Liege, Belgium, the most direct route back to Muenster is thru Maastricht.  So, I stopped off there for a couple of hours and Jos and Marian Lemmink treated me to lunch at the Cafe Local (right next to the Market, which was taking place today, too).  Sigrid Kasper joined us...she is the daughter of another Maastricht marketing professor (Hans Kasper) whom I shared an office with 12 years ago when I was teaching in Maastricht.  Sigrid also studied at BGSU for a semester (in 2011) and once came to our house (in Perrysburg) for dinner.
Marian, Dwayne, Sigrid, and Jos at Cafe Local in Maastricht

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