Thursday, December 10, 2015

Conducting "Critical Incident Technique" Seminar at the "Let's Talk About Service" Workshop in Namur, Belgium

I was asked by the organizing committee of the 4th Annual "Let's Talk About Service" Workshop to conduct a seminar on a qualitative research method to a little over 30 PhD students.  The focus was on "The Critical Incident Technique in Service Research" and was based upon an article I published on the method about a decade ago.
The seminar was in the "Arsenal" at the University of Namur
One of several "hands on" activities I had the attendees doing.
After a long day of discussing Service Research Priorities and then working at the CIT seminar, the entire group  went to a wine tasting at Grafe Lecocq.
Sampling the wine with Bart Larivière, one of the organizers of the LTAS workshop.

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