Thursday, December 17, 2015

"Service Guarantee" Lecture to MBA Students at HEC-Ulg, Liege, Belgium

For my last day of "work" before returning to the U.S., I gave a lecture to about 200 MBA students at the HEC School of Management in Liege, Belgium.  The focus was on service guarantees and how they might be used as a strategic marketing tool by firms.
Preparing for my lecture at HEC-ULg
What a great looking set of students!
Student teams were asked to propose a service guarantee for one of the firms in the case studies they had previously examined this semester.  Four teams were selected to give a brief presentation of their proposed service guarantee in class, including teams E12 (for Shoes Plazza), C6 (for Starbucks), D6 (also for Starbucks), and the overall winner D2 (for Flexpoint).

The Top Four Service Guarantee Teams


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