Thursday, December 3, 2015

Visiting My Cousin Veronica, near Ottignies, Belgium

After 25 emails to make arrangements, we were finally able to select a time to visit my cousin Veronica Gremler.  She prepared a nice dinner at her country house (near Ferriere).
Dinner at Veronica Gremler's

As we talked, we discussed the May 2012 Gremler meeting (organized by Detlef Gremler) in Heiligenstadt, Germany, and how we are related.  Veronica brought out family tree documents from both sides of her family.  Both of her parents were born in Chile.
Veronica and Dwayne examining her family tree documents!
As it turns out, Veronica spent a few years of her childhood in the U.S., including a couple of years living in Ohio...about the time I was born...but, our paths would not cross until more than 50 years later! 
Distant Gremler Cousins!

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