Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Presentations at the University of Western Australia Business School, Perth, Australia

About 6 years ago Jill Sweeney invited me to visit her at the University of Western Australia. Since I was going to be "in the neighborhood" (i.e., Brisbane), we worked it out for me to visit during my trip to Australia.
A very cool Business School building at UWA. (Can we get one of these at BGSU?)
On Wednesday morning I gave a research presentation focused on our recent Journal of Service Research articlePaper on "Employee Emotional Competence."  I followed that up by introducing the concept of "Bad News" and briefly discussed our plans for examining how employees deliver bad news in service encounters.
We had a engaging discussion at the end of my presentation. What fun!  
Later in the day I spoke on Service Recovery to Jill Sweeney's MBA class.  One of the student groups discussed the case "United Breaks Guitars" which fit nicely into my discussion.  After the class one student, also named "Dwayne" (a very cool name), introduced himself to me and another asked me to sign his Services Marketing textbook.  (My BGSU students never ask for my signature!)

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