Friday, April 22, 2016

"Publishing Scholarly Research" Seminar in Augsburg, Germany

I started my last scheduled Publishing seminar on Friday (April 22), at the University of Augsburg. (It is about an hour train ride to the west from Ingolstadt.)  We are scheduled to meet 5 times over the next 3 weeks.
Augsburg Ph.D. students who are eager to get their research published!
I was invited by Michael Paul, who is the Value-Based Marketing Chair in Augsburg.  However, he is currently working in Finland, so Andreas Lechner helped me get situated when I arrived.  His Ph.D. students asked if they could take a picture with me...not sure why...but, I obliged!
Sonja Kralj, Markus Gahler, Dwayne, and Andreas Lechner
We spent most of the first day discussing the journey of two research projects. The Marketing students rather enjoyed seeing a picture of their professor, Michael Paul, in the discussion of one of the projects (our co-authored Journal of Marketing article on Emotional Contagion from 2006).
Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, Dwayne, and two Ph.D. students (including a certain Augsburg Professor!) in Weimar in 2004
As was the tradition with my other "Publishing Scholarly Research" seminars, we concluded with a lecture on how best to celebrate publications.
My first green beer...this is called Lechwasser (a mixture of wheat beer, lemonade and blue curacao). 
Augsburg Ph.D. Students (Andreas Lechner and Janina Kleine) seemed to know what to do with their Lechwasser.  They did not really need any coaching from me!

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