Thursday, June 2, 2016

Service Management MBA Class at University of Muenster, Germany

Because of apparently high demand for the class, I was invited by Thorsten Hennig-Thurau to return to the University of Muenster to teach the same class (Service Management) I taught in January.  The major team project is a service blueprint, and students practiced using this tool during an in-class activity.
Creating a blueprint for a Chicago service provider, Revive, to learn how to use the tool.
We formed 4 teams...check out these smiling faces!
Team 1: Benedikt E., Lisa K., Laura G., Teresa J., and Nico E.
Team 2; Laura V., Aileen L., Verena  V,, Pia J., and Claudia R.
Team 3: David F., Silja W., Thales T., Juliane K., and Tjorben G
Team 4: Kathrin B, Dorothee K., Julia R., and Marie K.

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