Monday, June 5, 2017

A 25-mile Bike Ride Along the Wupper River, Wuppertal, Germany

Tabea Krah, a PhD student at the University of Wuppertal, invited me to join her family for a bike ride this afternoon.  There were 7 of us on the trip...
We are at the "top" of our ride, where three cities (Wuppertal,  Solingen, and Remscheid, I believe) meet.

At this point  I am still smiling!

Schloss Burg
We went from Wuppertal-Vohwinkel to the city of Haan and from there on the path "Korkenziehertrasse" to the city of Solingen (the district is called Solingen-Burg). In Solingen we saw the Müngstener Brücke, crossed the Wupper River by using the Wupperfähre, and then went up to Schloss Burg by taking the Seilbahn (ski lift...much better option than what Anja forced Mallory and I to do on Friday!). Afterwards we returned to Wuppertal-Vohwinkel by riding the bikes along the Wupper (upstream, and thus uphill for most of the way back to the Krah house).

Under Müngstener Brücke, which spans the Wupper River.  That is Tabea on the right.

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