Thursday, June 15, 2017

QUIS 15 Conference in Porto, Portugal

The next few days were spend attending (and making two presentations at) the Quality in Services Conference in Porto, Portugal.  I first attended this conference (QUIS 4?) in 1996 in Karlstad, Sweden, as a young assistant professor at the University of Idaho.

The first afternoon of the conference I presented a research project on Customer Relational Benefits. My co-authors are Yves Van Vaerenbergh (Belgium), Lisa Bruggen (The Netherlands), and Kevin Gwinner (Kansas State).

The next day I presented a different project, entitled "Delivering Bad News to Customers in Service Encounters: An Employee Perspective."  Unfortunately, I accidentally hit the computer restart button during the presentation and, as a result, I had to conduct the last third of the presentation without any PowerPoint slides. Now THAT is "bad news!"

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