Sunday, May 26, 2019

Dining Outside at Lit Fass (Muenster, Germany)

Christof Backhaus and his girlfriend Paula suggested we try an "unusual" restaurant in Muenster, Lit Fass.  What turned out to be the unusual part was my meal. After asking Christof for assistance in interpreting the menu (written in German, of course) I ordered a bratwurst dinner.  When the food arrived it included fried potatoes, two eggs, and a salad.  But no bratwurst.  I thought a mistake had been made by the kitchen.  It turns out that the mistake was made by Christof, who paid attention to only the "brat" part of the description..."brat" is the FRIED part of the fried potato. 
Look, Mom, no bratwurst!
When I asked if they had any bratwurst in the restaurant that they could add to my meal, they said no.  Bummer!   (Thanks for your help, Christof...)

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