Sunday, January 19, 2020

"Chilling" with Anja and Family reminisce

I traveled from Koblenz to Stuttgart on Saturday to spend a couple of days with our (German) daughter, Anja.  She was home from university (she attends the University of Erfurt). We caught up on each family's lives and did a lot of eating (of course!).  During dinner that nigh at an Austrian restaurant in a village near Schlaitdorf, we reminisced about dinner the last time the six of us (see below) had a meal together.  That was not quite three years earlier and it also included my daughter Mallory at an Italian restaurant in Tubingen, Germany--where she had an admirer!  (See my blog entry on May 27, 2017.)
Dwayne, Anja, Helga, Dieter, Simon, and Kathryn
On Sunday, Anja, her father Dieter, and I went to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.  Anja thought that perhaps having two Dads there would increase her chances of us buying a Porsche for her to take home.  (That didn't happen, but we at least let her think it COULD happen.)
Anja dreaming of driving away in a Porsche!
After our visit to the museum, Sebastian and Karen Gremler joined us for coffee and cake at Cafe Trolsch in Gerlingen.  (Germans know how to live!)
Dwayne (who needs more practice at taking selfies), Sebastian, Dieter, Anja, and Karen.

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