Friday, October 23, 2015

Dinner with the Gremlers near Gernrode, Germany

We drove a rented (Audi) car to visit distant relatives in Gernrode, Germany.  We went out to dinner to "test" the food at Hotel und Restaurant Lengefelder Warte where Sebastian Gremler and his fiance, Karen Becker, plan on having their wedding reception next year.  The food was excellent, so they began negotiating for a date for the reception!

Dwayne, Candy, Detlef, Karen (Becker), Sebastian, and Mechtilde Gremler

My dinner: trout, cooked beets, and mashed potatoes.  It was great!

Sebastian also collects postcard...look out Samantha!!!

Oh yeah...a (very) distant Gremler cousin has a butcher shop in Gernrode!  "Good stuff Maynard!"

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