Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Research Meeting at University of Paderborn, Germany

I spent the morning with the University of Paderborn Marketing Department.  We spent the morning describing various research projects we are working on and getting reactions and feedback from each other.
Eva Bohm, Andrea Hampel, Carina Witte, Dwayne, Christina Cramer, and Andreas Eggert

For dinner that evening, Candy and I were treated to dinner with Evan, Carina, and Christina.  We ate at a French restaurant, La Petite Galerie, that was once a brewery about 600 years ago.  The food, and the company, was excellent!

Dwayne, Candy, Carina, Christina, and Eva

The previous Wednesday evening we were treated to dinner by Andreas at his home.  He loves to cook and prepared a wonderful meal for us.

Cornelia, Andreas, Dwayne, and Candy enjoying the first course, lemon grass soup.

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