Friday, October 30, 2015

Visiting Our German (Exchange) Daughter and Family in Schlaitdorf, Germany

During the 2013-14 school year, just as Samantha went off to college, Anja Class came to live with use for a year.  So, we spent the weekend (and Candy much of the next week) visiting Anja and her family.  We arrived quite late on Friday evening, but they picked us up a the train station in Stuttgart, took us to their village of Schlaitdorf, and served us pumpkin soup for dinner.  And, I had a special prize awaiting me in the pumpkin they had carved and set on their front step.
Candy, Dwayne, and Anja Class in the front, Helga, Kathrin, and Dieter Class in the back row
The next day the Class family took us on a tour of Tubingen, an old university town where both Helga and Dieter attended law school.  During the tour we saw two statues depicting two men arguing.  Dieter and I then decided to argue over who should get to keep Anja. 

Statues of two Tubingen patrons arguing

Dwayne and Dieter arguing over who gets to keep Anja.
The next day we visited the Mercedes Benz Museum.  In the lower level of the museum you could purchase a car.  Anja declared that whomever purchased a car for her could keep her.  Neither Dieter nor I were interested in making such a purchase...I suggested that perhaps that means Anja is now an orphan!  

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