Saturday, November 7, 2015

Arrival in Liege, Belgium (Leaving from Paderborn, Germany)

We had quite the adventure today in traveling from Paderborn, Germany, to Liege, Belgium.  Our German train arrived one hour after it was supposed to in Cologne.  Fortunately, my Paderborn assistant (Carina Witte) scheduled a 90-minute gap between switching, we had enough time to drag all of our luggage from one track to another, get a very quick lunch, and have Candy go quickly out of the train station so she could see the Cologne Cathedral next door.  Once we got to our Liege apartment I had to drag all of our bags up the three flights of (very narrow) steps.  (We will pack much lighter next time!)  We quickly unpacked so that I could set up our Internet connection to watch the University of Pittsburgh-Notre Dame football game (recall that she is in the Pitt band)...I got it all working just minutes before the game began.
Rooting for Pitt (we did see Samantha!) and drinking the Leffe beer that was left in the refrigerator.

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