Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday Lunch (and Beer!) in Liege, Belgium

After shopping at the Market (on Sundays in Liege), we walked over to where my office will be while I am in Liege.  Just down the street we went to Le Vaudree II for lunch.  They have about 300 different beers there, so I asked for a recommendation as to which "blonde" beer I should have with my sandwich.  "Tripel Karmeliet" was the waiter's recommendation.  It was excellent!
Two days in Belgium, two beers..Finding a better beer than Tripel Karmeliet is going to be a challenge!
Later, to get a least a little bit of exercise, Candy and I hiked up the 384 steps of Montagne de Bueren.  If we do that every day then perhaps I will be able to do a beer a day.

Another picture of steps for my collection...or, at least a justification for my one beer/day diet.

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