Monday, November 9, 2015

First Day in the HEC-ULg Office, Liege, Belgium

I have about a 10-minute walk to the next office on my sabbatical HEC Management School at the University of Liege.  (Unlike Paderborn, the ground between the apartment and this building is flat.)
First day as Visiting Professor at HEC Management School ULg
In order to get me into the system (and access to the internet) at the University of Liege, as a Visiting Professor, they had to put me into the system somehow.  Since I am not faculty here (although, I am listed on the Department of Marketing web here), they decided to enter me into the system as a student.  So, I got a student ID today…apparently I can now use it to get student discounts!!!

My new student ID!

Lots of space, but not many books, in my HEC-ULg office.

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