Monday, December 14, 2015

HEC-ULg Marketing Faculty Team Building Exercise, Chaudfontaine, Belgium

After a morning of discussing how to best position the HEC-ULg marketing faculty and their research interests, we spent the afternoon at a team-building event in at Fort Adventure (an old World War I bunker at Fort de Chaudfontaine) high above the village of Chaudfontaine, about a 25-minute drive to the east of the HEC building.
It was dark and dirty in this old bunker!
The faculty (red hats) were pitted against the PhD students (white hats) in a series of mental and physical challenges.  (The faculty had planned, from the start, to let the PhD students win most of the contests in order to boost their egos!)  We also had to overcome a series of climbs, ropes, and a zip line above a 30' ravine.  I would love to see the Marketing Department in Bowling Green do this!
Hanging on for dear life!
The seven-person group included (starting from the bottom left) Dr. Zelal Ates, Simon Hazee, Marta Lara-Quintanilla, Anais Grety, Fanny Deliege, Dr. Cecile Delcourt, and Dr. Dwayne Gremler.
The HEC-ULg Marketing Dream Team

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