Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Chance to Use My ULg Student ID Card at Burger's Point, Liege, Belgium

When I started my Visiting Professor position at the University of Liege, I was given a student ID card so that I would be "in the system."  I was told I would be able to enjoy all of the privileges that students normally have, including discounts at many of the local stores and restaurants.  I finally got that opportunity when we had dinner at Burger's Point. Candy noticed the sign, and I flashed my card to get the discount.
A 15% discount...yeah!
Burger's Point is an American-themed restaurant that specializes in hamburgers.  I asked for the biggest hamburger on the menu, and below is what I received.
A triple-decker!  The first hamburger I have ever had to eat with a fork!

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