Thursday, February 25, 2016

Service Blueprint Discussion and Exercise, HEC-ULg, Liege, Belgium

Cecile Delcourt asked me to be a guest speaker in her Services Marketing class and discuss the concept of service blueprinting to her 23 students.  So, I lectured for about 90 minutes (including a power outage...which is quite a challenge when using PowerPoint slides).
Cecile, on the left, with her students...they look happy to be in the photo, don't they?
After introducing the class to service blueprints, teams of 3 or 4 students were then asked the student to create a service blueprint for Revive (a hydration clinic in Chicago now known as IVme). Each team of students spent about an hour, using multi-colored Post-It notes, large sheets of paper, and colored markers, to create a blueprint.
This team is trying to make sure they have included "physical evidence" as part of the blueprint.
We had a contest for the best blueprint, and the winners received (can you guess what?)..............wait for it.................Belgian chocolate, of course!
The winning team...with their blueprint just above them on the white board.

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