Friday, February 26, 2016

Farewell Sendoffs in Liege, Belgium

Candy and I each experienced some wonderful "good-byes" from several groups of people as we prepare to return to the U.S. next week.  Several colleagues of Dwayne's from HEC (and a couple of Candy's from Saint-Louis) met at Curtius Brewery (just around the corner from our apartment, at the base of the Montagne de Bueren steps) for a surprise gathering. Cecile Delcourt gave me an "evaluation" of my stay in Liege that included a list of the Belgian customs I have mastered (like greeting the women I meet everyday with a kiss) and those I have not (like eating moules).  (We subsequently went to dinner an ordered moules so I could check this activity off of my list!)
Simon Hazee, Susan Hopgood, Candy, Dwayne, Pascale Delhaxhe, Bernard Renson, Cecile Decourt, Fabrice De Zanet, Adrian Hopgood, Marta Lara-Quintanilla, and Anais Gentry. 
As part of the experience, I got to try some still more Belgian beers...on my continuing quest to find the BEST Belgian beer...
Three more beers from the Curtius "Sampler", differing in the amount of "bitterness"
Earlier in the day, Saint Louis College had a send-off for Candy, and the teachers there brought in ("American") donuts during their coffee break to honor their American friend.  They also provided Candy with a couple of huge cards signed by the students she had been working with as part of the English Immersion course.
"American donuts" during the teachers' coffee break at Saint-Louis
The night before, Candy and I were treated to dinner by Zelal Ates and Michael Ghilissen at Al Piccolo Mondo.  It was a very nice restaurant!
Candy, Dwayne, Michael, and Zelal about to dig into some excellent Italian food!

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