Monday, February 29, 2016

Final Gathering with HEC ULg Faculty at Le Vaudree II, Liege, Belgium

When we arrived in Liege in November, I began a quest for the best Belgium beer.  At Le Vaudree II a Tripel Karmeleit was recommended.  I never found a better beer (and, I certainly tried).  So, for a final gathering, on Leap Year Day I invited the Marketing faculty and students for one last beer back at Le Vaudree II. After ordering the beers, I did one last "presentation" about my experiences in "Living in Liege as a Visiting Professor."
Cecile, Stina (on her mother's lap), Michael, Marta, Simon, Candy, and Dwayne
Le Vaudree II has a great selection of beers...over 300.  I didn't get a chance to try them all.  I guess I will have to return to Liege to accomplish that goal. 
Only 290 beers left to try!
On Friday evening, Cecile Delcourt (the person who arranged my stay at HEC ULg in Liege), provided me with a list of the activities which I performed well and those which I needed to work on.  So, she treated me to a "meatloaf" sandwich for lunch at Cap Sur to help me expand my thinking about lunch options beyond my standard cheese sandwich. 

My Liege colleague and friend, Cecile Delcourt.

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