Saturday, May 25, 2019

Student Project Work on a Saturday (WWU, Muenster, Germany)

For the fifth day in a row we had class.  Today (a Saturday!) we discussed service recovery and service guarantees; one company that came up as an example in both discussions was Domino's Pizza.  I displayed a response from the Bowling Green Domino's related to a service failure years ago (they did an excellent  job of service recovery) and a commercial where Domino's offers "Carryout Insurance."   For the second half of class students worked on their team projects for next week (and thus were designing a service innovation using the service blueprint tool we discussed on Thursday).  Apparently all of the talk about pizza and Domino's made students hungry for Domino's Pizza.  So, they placed an order and had the pizza delivered to the classroom.
A working lunch with Domino's Pizza!
Bastian was quite hungry!
One student (purposely?) dropped her pizza to test the Carryout Insurance offer made by Domino's!
Enjoying the pizza on the lawn outside of the MCM.
And, after testing out the Domino's service quality (and Carryout Insurance offer), it is back to work on the service blueprints...

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  1. So...did Domino's stand behind their insurance offer?