Saturday, June 22, 2019

Dining in Gernrode with Anja and Detlef (Gernrode, Germany)

After a flurry of  text messages earlier in the week, I was (finally) able to arrange a dinner on Saturday night.  We drove to Erfurt to see our German daughter (Anja) and meet her boyfriend Fynn.  We then told them they would have to "work" for their dinner, but we did not tell them what that meant nor where we were going.  After some very strange GPS suggestions by our rental car, we drove to Gernrode to have dinner with my (distant) cousin Detlef Gremler and his wife Mechthilde.  We dined in a (the?) restaurant in Gernrode that Detlef''s mother used to own and run.
Anja and Fynn served as our interpreters over dinner in Gernrode.
Dwayne Gremler and Detlef Gremler!

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