Sunday, June 2, 2019

Visiting My Favorite Belgian 6-Year-Old (Liege, Belgium)

Candy and I spent the weekend just outside of Liege in a small hotel (10 rooms) called Au Comte de Mercy in Hermalle-Sous-Argenteau, Belgium.  (The GPS on our car sent us to a very different location, but we were finally able to make it to the hotel after leaving Muenster.)  Most of the time was spent working on my "Publishing Scholarly Research Seminar" for next week as we sat in the hotel garden next to the Maas river.  After we transitioned on Sunday to an Airbnb apartment in Liege, we went to have dinner with my Belgian colleague Cecile, her partner Fabrice, and their daughter Stina. 
Fabrice made Mojitos for everyone except me...I had a Belgian beer (Curtius), of course!
Stina (with her mother's encouragement) has been working on her English language skills since she was quite young.  Recently she received a certificate for her English language knowledge!
My next co-author?

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