Monday, June 3, 2019

Starting the "Publishing Scholarly Research" Seminar at HEC-University of Liege (Belgium)

Today we had 16 PhD candidates attending my seminar, "Publishing Scholarly Research," being hosted by Yves Crama and Cecile Delcourt at HEC School of Management at the University of Liege. This is where, in effect, my seminar was first was a "mini" version that I did at HEC (in a couple of hours) in November, 2011; I did the seminar two days after Cecile's PhD defense (in Nijmegen, The Netherlands).  The seminar has grown in length to 20-24 hours of discussion (and, lots of articles to read concerning publishing) over the past eight years.
The next generation of great business scholars!
After they heard me tell a couple of stories of my publications, they shared with each other a piece of research that they considered to be "interesting" and one that was "NOT interesting".  (Several students suggested is was actually more of a challenge to identify uninteresting research.)
Discussing "interesting" research

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