Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Quick Visit (Back to) Muenster, Germany

Less than a week after leaving Muenster for Liege, we picked a rental car in Maastricht (had to  take the train to get the car...but, it was for half the price of what it would have been in Liege) and drove back to Muenster.  We spent the afternoon visiting with Christof Backhaus, a name you will recognize if you have been following this blog closely.  He was my host in Newcastle in June.  We had "traditional German" food for lunch at Altes Gasthaus Leve, a restaurant which has been in business since 1607.  And then we went to another place for coffee and dessert.
Christof had me sample the local Muenster beer. (Yes, those are antlers on the wall behind us!)
We then drove our (Audi) rental car to the Hennig-Thurau house, where Claudia prepared an EXCELLENT meal for us...a great salad and incredible lasagna.  Thorsten also showed off his skills...taking selfie photos.  (See below.)
Thorsten, Patrick, Fred, Claudia, a reluctant Tom, Candy, and Dwayne

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