Monday, January 18, 2016

"From Start to Finish" Publishing Seminar at HEC-ULg, Liege, Belgium

Zelal Ates, an Associate Professor in the HEC School of Management at the University of Liege, approached me in December and asked if I could create a seminar for PhD students where I followed one of my research projects from its beginning through the time it was published.  I agreed, and today we began examining the process for my 2008 paper entitled: "Rapport-building Behaviors Used by Retail Employees."  We had attendees from HEC at the University of Liege, as well as from other universities in Belgium.
Attendees are trying to make sense of the reviewer comments I received on the initial submission of the paper.
We will meet 4 times over the next 5 weeks to discuss the various stages of the paper and how it progressed through the review process.
A discussion of the challenges of publishing scholarly research!

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