Thursday, January 21, 2016

Research Meeting in Ghent, Belgium

Candy and I took the train to Ghent, Belgium, on Wednesday evening and explored the wonderful city of Ghent.  We retraced some of the steps I had taken when I visited Ghent about two years ago.
Candy took this photo...a wonderful reflection of a bridge above the canal...about 1 km from our hotel.
At about 10:00 the following morning we walked to the University of Ghent, where we had a followup to a brainstorming session we had at the "Let's Talk About Service" conference in Namur, Belgium, in December.  Six of us met spent the day discussing employees and the concept of emotional empowerment.
Aleska, Nanouk, Annelies, Yves, Dwayne, and Aurelia.

Hard at work at the University of Ghent
After a hard day of work, Bart Lariveire took us for a drink (more Belgian beer!) before we all got back on the train to head home.
Bart Lariveire is impressed with Candy's "selfie" skills!

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