Friday, May 26, 2017

A Pleasant Day on Lake Constance, Germany

We rode down with the Class family to pick up Anja in Sinden, Germany.  From there we went to Uberlingen and walked along the lake.  We could see the snow on the Swiss Alps across the lake.
Reunited with Anja (our exchange sister/daughter)
Mallory wanted to visit Switzerland (to say she went to a country during her travels that her sister did not go to last year), so we traveled on the ferry over to Constance, Germany.
Dieter and Helga Class, and Mallory, having lunch in Constance, Germany.
After a nice Italian lunch, we walked out to see the famous statue in Constance, the Imperia.  This was a quite controversial statue when it was erected.
The Imperia on Lake Constance


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