Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mallory's Return (with Dad) to Maastricht, The Netherlands

In 2006 we lived in Maastricht for 7 months.  Mallory, then 8 years old, went to school on the other side of town.  We returned on Friday...her first time back in 11 years.  (I have been back to Maastricht probably 20 times since 2002.)
Maastricht is behind us, as well as the Sint Servaasbrug (foot) bridge
We revisited many places she remembered (or, that we had pictures of).
Mallory with our Wolder neighbors Ria and Ber 

Back to the scene of her 8th Birthday Date with Dad and "Sour and Spicy" Chinese soup. 

Statue on the way to the Maastricht train station in 2002...

15 years later!

Samantha and Mallory in two countries (Belgium and The Netherlands) at once!  (On the street in Wolder where we lived.)

Two countries with one (large) step!

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