Monday, May 29, 2017

"Publishing Scholarly Research" Seminar at Hohenheim University, Stuttgart, Germany

Today was the beginning of a three-day publishing seminar for PhD students at Hohenheim University.  I was invited to conduct this seminar by Marion Buttgen after we met last year at the SERVSIG Research Conference in Maastricht.
There are several future research stars in this picture...I cannot wait to see their research in print!
About 25 scholars attended today's session.  We will meet for two more days...hopefully the weather will cool off a bit.  The room is the Aula in the Schloss Mittelbau.
The seminar was held in the Aula in the Schloss Mittelbau at Hohenheim. This is the corner room in the left-center part of the building that sticks out in the picture.

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