Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Visit to a Bee Hive, Schlaitdorf, Germany

I met a neighbor of Dieter and Helga Class at Helga's birthday party, Rainer.  We got to taking, and he told me that one of his hobbies was bee keeping.  So, I asked him if he would take me to see his bees. We left the party for about an hour to go see the bees.  VERY INTERESTING!
I ain't afraid of no bees!
Rainer shared a lot of information with me about bees.  Apparently wearing black or brown clothes would not be good...bees tend to think that you are a bear wanting their honey if you do not wear light-colored clothes.  And, using smoke makes the bees much more docile.  They think there may be a fire, so the grab a bunch of honey in case they have to leave their home...this additional honey makes them move much slower.
Rainer is preparing smoke to use before opening the bee hive.

In the two hive that I saw, there were probably 6,000-8,000 bees in each hive. 

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