Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Final Instructions in the "Publishing Scholarly Research" Seminar at Hohenheim University, Stuttgart, Germany

We finished up 3 full days of discussing the academic publication process...and in relatively high temperatures.  For the final bit of instruction, I treated the attendees to a drink...and, my intent was to make sure they know how to celebrate success.
Hohenheim University PhD students demonstrating their skills at celebrating success!
The students are (starting in the back row from the left): Timo T., Nelly W., Adrian L., and Shirin G.
The next row includes: Leif B., Vivien H., Nicola C., and Prof. Dr. Marion Büttgen (my host).
The third row includes Anne Maria S., Laura O., Johanna S. and Iris P.
And, the front row includes me, Anke S., and Stephy T.
What was I thinking?  That Germans don't know how to celebrate?  That was a foolish thought on my part.  Indeed, two of the girls BEGAN their celebration by ordering TWO beers each! 
Laura and Anke are showing me a different (and better?) approach to celebrating...having a beer in each hand!
Since I do have German roots (my grandfather was born in Germany), I showed them...with my THREE beers at once! 

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