Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mallory Acquires an Admirer in Tubingen, Germany

Dieter and Helga Class treated us to dinner in Tubingen, Germany...where they went to university. We went to the Italian restaurant they frequented as college students.  Over the course of dinner, Mallory acquired an admirer...the waiter.  He referred to Mallory as "his love" whenever he brought her pizza out to her.
Mallory's new love...although, I don't think she learned his name.  Helga was enjoying it all, too!
He next gave Mallory her dessert (ice cream!) and said it was free (and from him).  Then he offered all seven of us at the dinner table some Grappa as we wrapped up our meal...apparently something the Class family had never received even though they go to the restaurant frequently.  This is probably the most embarrassed I have ever seen Mallory!
Some free Grappa from her new German Italian friend!
A memorable evening!  Perhaps she and Samantha can plan a double wedding?

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